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When you sign the Dayton Fitness Center membership agreement, you will gain a full 24 hour access pass to use the fitness center at your convenience. 


Dayton Fitness Center offers a wide range of exercise equipment, including:


  • Treadmills

  • Exercise Bikes

  • Ellipticals  

  • Machine Weights

  • Free Weights

  • Aerobic/Yoga Room

  • Punching Bag




Single- 1st Month*: $102.69     Monthly: $34.59

Couples (Two)- 1st Month*: $166.48     Monthly: $58.37

Groups (Three)- 1st Month*: $188.10     Monthly: $79.99


*First Month Fee includes: Joining Fee, Access Cards Fees, and first month Membership.


Prices will be increasing March 2016!



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